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           I experienced the spark of my spiritual journey around 2015 during the time that I was graduating from Rider University. While my peers were going forward into successful endeavors I couldn't help but to feel withdrawn from everything I once knew to be familiar and enjoyable. A transition was definitely occurring whether I was fully aware of it or not. It led me to more and more isolation. I found myself repeating situations and feeling very disillusioned with myself. For the next two years I had to face myself and everything I kept running away from. In retrospect the lessons were beautiful but at the time I was experiencing depths of pain I hadn't felt before. I found it hard to hold and see my own power that I continued to land myself in situations which gave my power away. In the midst of these struggles my soul went on a quest for healing. The inner truth led me to follow more of my natural interests with a child like curiosity. I wanted to learn more about what truly fulfilled me spiritually. I began to make myself more open to the messages that had always been there only now they were becoming louder and clearer.  

         In October 2017 I received my first reading with a bruja, energy healer known as TheTrapWitch. Without realizing the self healing trip that I was truly starting, I followed the whispers and pieces of guidance appearing in my life bringing expansion to my true purpose. I began to accept myself even more at a deeper level; my flaws, mistakes, weaknesses, strengths, talents, gifts, power, all of it. This didn't happen overnight and I continuously renew my self acceptance as I grow in this human experience. In 2018 my family experienced a traumatizing moment when we discovered that my mother was beginning a battle with cancer. Since then we have been fighting and succeeding. *I affirm that my mother is thriving in health and vitality in mind, body and soul.* As you can imagine this was an impactful moment that just made everything more intense. I dove into herbal study even heavier than before. Initially I researched holistic methods to treat my mother that we still use today. This inspired me to begin building my small business in herbal healing teas. I started making custom blends for friends and family based on what areas or concerns they wanted to address. After a time period of diving deeper into self study I found my first mentor and teacher Houiea LOVE. I kept exploring personal depths in many meditations, painful times, joyful moments but I felt ready to explore my intense curiosity to go farther in my healing in March 2019. I booked a past-life healing with Houiea LOVE that provided much healing and confirmation where I should go next. This reading helped me take the leap in September 2019 when I decided to fully commit myself to the responsibility of my healing journey & purpose by enrolling in the Akashic Records Reading 101 course, taught and mentored by Houiea. Going forward, in April 2020, I completed certification in Akashic Records Reading 201 and experienced working with clients for the first time. Since then I continue to grow on this beautiful path and honorably serve others in a range of modalities within the Akashic Records.

         During 2020 I continued more self study in herbalism and opened my own herbal healing business called NTRU Divine Essences where I offer work with sacred medicines, miracles foods, and herbal tea. After awaiting an opportunity to apprentice with the herbal mentor that truly felt aligned with me, I got accepted in the Sacred Vibes Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship taught by Master Herbalist Karen M. Rose, based in Brooklyn NY at the Sacred Vibes Apothecary. Currently I am finishing my apprenticeship and growing my relationship with nature's herbal gifts. I am so grateful for this study as it connects me closer to my ancestors with herbalism running deep in my lineage from many generations and past lives. Recently, I have expanded my study of healing in the practice of Reiki Energy Healing Level 1. I received my first attunement in November 2020 and I’m so blessed to be able to share this healing with my clients going forward.

         I’ve found that the origin of my soul speaks to the mission of harmonious health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. I am led by the Great Spirit through my honorable ancestors on a mission to spread holistic wellness and healing. I plan to continue moving humanity forward within the Akashic Records with special affinities of music, sound healing, and plant medicine. With a love for children, in divine timing of the future, I look forward to becoming a doula assisting in the miracle journey of childbirth; bringing life and new creation to this planet, ultimately moving humanity forward to greatness.

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Connect to your soul's truth. 

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