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About Us

By NTRU Divine Essences

Fluxx is an herbal medicine line created for supporting the body and spirit through grief & other major transitions in life.

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Life is in Fluxx

Inspired by my own self healing journey through grieving & loss. I wanted to create a line of herbal support aimed towards carrying you through the intensities of major transitional stages of life. Whether it be loss, trauma, relocation, or the need to heal deep wounds & reawaken your connection to self care, this line will help you to find your flux and your stability to flow through it all.


Grief was the inspiration behind this line of healing products and tools. I'm still on this journey but growing and learning everyday.  I've come to a place of acceptance when it comes to grief and loss. I understand that it is something that I will always carry but there is a HEALTHY way to do it with support. 

Life continues to flux, to flow, to change and grow.

The storms will come and pass.

I find myself standing in the middle of it all.

Anchored in the knowing that this means life is present.

Life is moving and changing.

Flux is everlasting.

The windstorm has rearranged me...


Placed me.


I'm where I'm meant to be. I Look at what's been sent to me.

Within the flux I stopped to see, to smell the roses, to drink from my own well. To nourish. To find the light after the darkest of nights.

To find the sun when I thought it was too bright for me.

To heal in the rivers I release.

To find the flow in my exhale.

To anoint the Goddess and let her experience this life in all of its fullness, its realness, stretching to the depths time and back.

Forward into the sun, grateful for each drop of water falling down my cheeks.

Nurtured, true, and alive in the flux.


-Marrissa Joy Chatman

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Supporting the body through shock, grief, loss, trauma, relocation, and major life events. The Fluxx collection serves the nervous system, skin, respiratory system, and full body nourishment.

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