Divine Essences


Image by Francesco Gallarotti

NTRU = Neteru

The Divine Energies of Nature

The meaning behind the name NTRU, (neh-ter-ru), is defined by the divine presence, the oneness in all life forms including yourself, the trees surrounding you, the breeze against your skin, the oceans and rivers, the sun shining on you, and the herbs in your tea! The name NTRU Divine Essences acknowledges and honors the cycles of life; giving gratitude to the forces of nature, specifically the herbs, that assist us human beings in our own life cycles. By connecting with plants we connect ourselves to the miraculous healing energy that is universal connection. The same force of energy that brought each of us into the world is also represented by the beautiful cycle of life observed in nature.

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Herbal Teas

Each blend is crafted with healing intention from nature's finest organic herbs to restore and maintain our body's optimal level of wellness. Interested in a custom tea blend? Let us know what you're specific concerns are and receive a  handmade blend just for you! Email ntruteas@gmail.com